Perth Air Conditioning Services

3 Keys To Having Your Energy Conserving Residence Comfort Solution

Buying an Air Conditioning system can be a frightening and daunting procedure with many brands and product size readily available how will you understand are becoming the proper system? our air conditioning division understand and recognize that you will find three primary factors the consider.

Unit brand name and dimensions:

We will talk about your chosen lifestyle and demands of exactly how much of the property would you on a regular basis must run at precisely the same time.


Anybody can sell an air con that blows cold and hot-air, but Solaire focus on creating well-balanced methods which are not just the many energy-efficient but produce a desired comfort for your needs.


The strict overview of Solaire Connect objectives ensures that each residence or company is put in to optimize comfort and energy efficiency amounts. We of competent installers concentrate on offering something far above the most common needs, always ensuring that there is certainly continual interaction with all the client throughout the install.

Hydrocarbon – Lower Your Air Cooling Operating Prices

The Vision is always to enable really wide spread using a far more energy conserving, natural refrigerant which has almost ZERO carbon emissions.

This is how all of it works:

Your air conditioning unit currently runs on flurocarbon refrigerants. By making the alteration to Hydrocarbon refrigerant you certainly will significantly reduce your power costs, preserving between 15%-25per cent. Hydrocarbon refrigerant reduces the operating pressure of the air conditioning equipment. As a byproduct, your ac will end up quieter, go longer as a result of no longer working so hard and save you thousands with all the compressor not working anywhere near as difficult when it comes to same comfort level.

The long run can be more inexpensive and eco-friendly without having to sacrifice your convenience. Enjoy your air conditioning without fretting about the following electrical energy costs or your affect the environment.

Professionals in Residential, Workplace and Light Industrial!

Do not waste your own time speaking with cowboys, Solaire Connect have a reputation built on quality serviced reinforced with industry leading services and products. Whether it is a little 5 socket reverse pattern ducted or a huge VRV product on a commercial residential property, Solaire have the tools and expertise to most useful serve you.

LG installReverse Pattern Ducted Techniques

The 3 companies that we promote and standby at Solaire Connect tend to be LG, Samsung and Daikin. These three premium brands will satisfy everybody's budget, cooling and heating requirements. If evaluating cost, take a look at Samsung, since 2012 Samsung are heavily investing in R+D to assist and improve their air conditioning items on offer. With regards to new electronic inverter and My Air appropriate systems; Samsung is really contending because of the top of the market at an affordable price. If you should be about high quality and wanting the greatest, really ask united states about LG; traveling under the radar in the air fitness industry LG's specs and gratification is probably the most readily useful on the market. Featuring the point to be entirely manufactured in Korea, where criteria are very well above various other Asian countries. Should you want to find out more in regards to the companies on offer mouse click above regarding the logo you want.

Need to know more info on the firms?

The spoil yourself for choice with the quality companies that we provide, not just do we supply you with the most readily useful products but right back by using business leading area settings and ducting with Advantage Ai

  • Samsung - during the last 3 years Samsung have actually spent greatly into R+D but truly gained. They have been now one of the primary players floating around training industry and their rise to importance could deserved due to their quality of mid range devices.
  • Positive aspect Air - Whats the idea of getting a sexy looking car if it does not drive? this is when positive aspect Air plays a pivotal component in ensuring our customers have the best zonal and ducting gear cash can buy. Advantage atmosphere tend to be frontrunners in the Air Conditioning industry changing how we zone and control air cooling system, lately offering specific space thermostats.
  • Daikin - considered best for several reasons, Daikin has-been and continues to be the standard in air-con. Making use of their energy efficient and large venting units, Daikin has actually really and truly established it self while the premium system on the market spot.
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