Split / Multi-Split Type Air

Multi system air conditioning

If your home is a lot like most, conditions often fluctuate from 1 space to the next. Whether or not it’s as a result of sunlight, area task or the other facets that will impact temperature, a United states traditional zoning system can put control of your convenience right in which it belongs - when you need it.

With the Acculink™ Zoning system, you’ll manage to set a routine on your thermostat according to your home’s special heat patterns, and get a handle on it from anywhere life goes with Nexia™ Home-Intelligence. Every Acculink™ Control comes with remote “climate access”, enabling you to monitor and control your zoning system through any web-enabled product.

Your zoning system is managed because of the most sophisticated control previously made by American Standard warming & air-con - one that will integrate your lifetime along with your house convenience system like never before.

AccuLink™ 940

In the zoning system, the Wired Zoning Sensor with show acts as both a sensor and a thermoregulator by allowing you to definitely monitor and adjust the temperature in one certain area. It may share data with, and enjoy instructions from, the Platinum ZV Control, making sure consistent, also comfort in each area of your property.

AccuLink™ 400

The Wired Zoning Sensor without show screens temperature within a particular zone, while only allowing temperature changes during the Platinum ZV Control—perfect for a child’s area or hall. Once the sensor suggests the requirement, heated or cooled atmosphere is directed towards the necessary zone for unprecedented comfort.

Motorized Modulating Dampers

Motorized modulating dampers may be installed inside your brand new or current ductwork to systematically redirect airflow to in which it’s needed.

Given that sunlight rises and sets, our motorized modulating dampers have the ability to start in partial increments so you can fine-tune zoning areas for optimum comfort.

Synchronized convenience

Link your Acculink™ Platinum ZV towards the wise, hardworking aspects of an American Standard paired system for unparalleled overall performance, effectiveness and convenience. Complement the zoning gear to a variable-speed interior device and multi-stage outdoor unit and you’ll see on your own. Every component was designed to work with balance using others—optimizing your comfort and power use and offering enhanced humidity control.

Find out about the Acculink Zoning System.


Unlike traditional methods, a forward thinking United states Standard zoning system has the capacity to direct heated or cooled environment to exactly in which it’s needed in your home. This implies every room and hall should be filled with even, constant comfort.

If your system is set up, your home is split into places, or “zones, ” each supervised by a sensor in continual contact with the Platinum ZV Control. Once the system detects a temperature difference in a specific area, it could direct heated or cooled atmosphere compared to that particular zone using carefully controlled modulating dampers within ductwork. Thus, you get perfectly heated and cooled environment anywhere it is needed, combined with power to adjust conditions in different zones. So areas that get even more sunlight won’t have to be hotter than spaces that don’t, and each bedroom gets a warm and comfortable cold temperatures.

Area control

Monitor the conditions throughout your residence at a glance, and adjust them as needed.

Zone menu display

Places the important zoning features on one convenient display screen.


Temperature and cool off on your own household’s schedule, which means you don’t waste energy on an empty residence.

Program history

View reveal reputation for your system operate time and your time consumption.

Custom zone brands

Zones may be given custom names, as an example, “Upstairs Bedroom” or “Home workplace, ” for simple control.

Learn more about how you can control your whole residence's comfort.


By partnering with Nexia™ Home Intelligence, every Acculink™ Zoning program includes remote environment accessibility, allowing you to from another location monitor and control your system through any Web-enabled unit.

Stay in touch

The Acculink Menu Screen shows your most-used functions and information immediately. Plus, the Platinum ZV’s upgradeable firmware means you’ll always have the newest features and functionality.

Clean air rounds

The Quick Clean and Allergy Clean rounds supply boosted atmosphere cleaning for a couple hours or a complete day, to combat home odors or provide extended relief to allergy sufferers.

Real time weather condition

Stay informed about local weather with live, updated alerts and real time radar data.

Alerts and reminders

Detail by detail alerts remind you with regards to’s time and energy to change a filter, or time to phone your supplier for upkeep.


The amazing convenience of an Acculink™ Zoning System utilizes a advanced demand center. The beautifully designed, technologically higher level Acculink™ Platinum ZV Control can certainly be integrated with your home’s specific décor.

Recommended bezel styles

As fashionable since they are wise, the Acculink™ Platinum ZV Control and Wired Zoning Sensor with show can accommodate the selection of optional colored bezels to help them mix seamlessly along with your décor.

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