Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioning Brisbane

Separate system air cooling offer, install and solution

Fallon Options offer a wide range of split system air conditioning equipment options for your property or business. From supplying and installing a split system air conditioning unit to restoring and preserving your existing system, we a team of skilled specialists on board to assist. We provide a quick and trustworthy service that is designed to offer a quality product that's affordable and energy-efficient.

Separate system air conditioning units can be found in a big number of services and products types, designs, and companies. Aspects including the precise location of the installation, the size of the room, and your spending plan will dictate which split system our skilled specialists recommend for your home or business.

Separate system range

  • Wall mounted split systems
  • Lightweight flooring systems
  • Floor units and ceiling cassette devices
  • Reverse period split system
  • Inverter split system

"i would ike to thank the professional which fixed my Mitsubishi ac unit this morning. He attained 7 am and worked rapidly to correct a leak which had triggered my brand-new machine to fail over yesterday during a long amount of exceedingly hot and humid weather condition. He even trimmed the ducting that covers the pipes leading from machine. It had been rather ragged before. He had been also really clean and neat while involved in my dining location. Also as a result of Amy and Rena who assisted me personally with arrangements for repairs is done. My wellness will today be better for the rest of summer time with a dependable device."
Jan from Carindale

All of the leading labels of split methods

Carrier air cooling Premium split system brands

Split system air cooling services

Fallon possibilities is supplying quality trade solutions into Brisbane location for over 50 years and have a team of expert, reliable technicians who can help with all split system ac needs

If you should be uncertain how to start, offer our ac staff a call on 1300 762 260 or complete our reservation demand today and we also'll be sure you obtaining correct guidance from professionals with air-conditioning fixes, supply, and set up knowledge.

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