Solar powered central air conditioning

Update: Breathtaking! First Crossing of this Alps by a Solar Plane
Eventually A Workable Program to displace Active Energy Guzzling A/Cs?
In 2007 we covered a Coolerado A/C system utilizing the headline "getting near solar driven environment conditioning". In the past, the system produced 5 tons of air conditioning making use of 1, 200 watts, getting within the selection of just what some individuals and smaller businesses could afford in solar power panels. Today, the latest Coolerado design can create 6 a great deal of cooling using 600 watts, rather an extraordinary improvement!

Keep reading to get more details a videos detailing how it works.
Boosting Solar Power Production Too
One interesting technique that Coolerado has - which you can observe in video below - is the usage of exhaust atmosphere from the A/C product to cool-down the solar energy panels. The explanation for that is that solar energy panels create less electricity once they have too hot, a thing that occurs regarding sunniest times whenever A/C is many required. But trying to cool off the panels with exhaust atmosphere (that could should dumped anyway since it includes too much humidity) permits all of them to help keep creating more, reducing costs because a lot fewer panels are required.

The demonstration movie is fairly done well, try it out:

One of many drawbacks of using an evaporative cooling system is it makes use of liquid. About 4 gallons hourly for 6 tons system, or 96 gallons every day. In some really dry places, this is loads, though it could be much better than making use of a consistent A/C that makes use of a great deal of electricity. A great compromise is the utilization of grey water (stored in a holding container underground so it stays cool?).

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