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ptac hvac dirty moldy lover air conditioning unit resortYou only never know that which you'll get in a hotel room. I'm a curious guy therefore I need always check things out, and also this week i came across some interesting material floating around conditioner of the space they gave me in Hattiesburg. As I was sitting during the work desk, I pointed out that the lover seemed white whilst the squirrel-cage blades spun around. Therefore I popped the cover down and this is what I saw.

The blades are coated by what is both some type of deterioration or a white microbial infestation (a.k.a. mold). It looks nasty and appeared to be a bit damp. Once I looked at the interior of this address, I saw the stuff below.

I will be in an alternative space soon. Although it doesn't smell a great deal, I get slightly whiff of one thing once I first walk in the space as well as everytime the unit kicks on whenever I'm sitting in the nearby table. I am lazy and would rather not to have to go, but after having experienced through a month-long sinus illness recently, I would instead perhaps not just take chances.


I chatted into the front work desk person today to inquire about for a new room, although hotel comes down. As an alternative, they delivered a maintenance person to my room these days and did good job of cleansing it. I can not see some of the gunk which was indeed there before, together with odor is fully gone. Thank-you, Hilton Outdoors Inn!

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