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Production Heating and Cooling

Cover imageDispositifs de manufacturing simultanée de chauffage et de froid composés de systèmes à cycle inversé sous des charges variables

  • MINES ParisTech, PSL – analysis University, CES – Centre for Energy Efficiency of techniques, Palaiseau, France

Flexible solutions can be much better than standard temperature pumps for differing heat demand.

Incorporating mobility is possible using a variety of standard heat pumps.

Overproduction of temperature at a top exergy amount can be prevented by incorporating flexibility.

Energy and exergy analysis causes integrated solutions for process design. But if the overall process design is optimized its robustness as well as its operability could possibly be significant weaknesses. This paper centers around a built-in process in which a reverse period system answers both heating and cooling demands. For variable temperature needs, the aforementioned reverse period system might be inadequate. For that reason, one option is to add flexibility to the product by splitting it into two systems. Within report, aside from the preliminary reverse period system, five more solutions tend to be recommended and studied: three uncoupled and two partially coupled solutions. Very first, simplified designs are accustomed to compare the different recommended solutions for many moderate operating points. Then, more in depth designs are accustomed to start thinking about heating or cooling demand difference. Outcomes reveal that versatile solutions designed is appropriate choices when heating or air conditioning demands differ.


  • Temperature pump;
  • Load variation;
  • Versatility;
  • Energy integration;
  • Control;
  • Design;
  • Thermodynamic methods

Mots clés

  • Pompe à chaleur;
  • Variation de cost;
  • Flexibilité;
  • Intégration d'énergie;
  • Controle;
  • Conception;
  • Systèmes thermodynamiques

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