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Troubleshooting central air Conditioners

If the main ac won't cool but you can hear it operating, it would likely simply need to be cleansed. Whether this is actually the reason behind the issue, it’s initial treatment to test. Plan to do this on a relatively hot day. Listed below are tips; always reference your owner’s handbook.

1Turn off the power to the AC unit. There is typically a shut-off or disconnect panel on wall next to the outdoor compressor. Additionally shut-off the atmosphere conditioner’s 240-volt circuit at main electric panel.

2Rake leaves and debris away through the outdoor condenser. Trim any bushes that may block airflow.

3Unscrew and remove protective grilles and the top cover or grille from the compressor. If the lover is connected to the grille, take care not to pull any cables loose.

4Use a soft brush to completely clean soil and dirt from the fins, then vacuum the fins with a brush accessory (using treatment not to ever harm them).

5Use a hose pipe and nozzle with a trigger hold to spray dirt from the fins (from the unit). Protect the wiring and engine from liquid with plastic sheeting or a big synthetic garbage bag. In the event your owner’s manual requires lubricating the engine, do this now—but don’t over-lubricate.

6Reassemble the system.

7To test drive it, switch the thermostat to OFF, reset the ability during the disconnect beside the compressor and the main panel, and then set the thermoregulator to ON. In order to avoid straining an air conditioner’s compressor, wait at least 5 minutes between switching it well in the thermostat and turning it right back on. Let it run for a few minutes, after which have the two pipelines that link the condenser product towards air handler (slip any insulation back). One should feel hot, others cool.

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