Types Of Heating In A Modern City

There are different types of heating. Choosing your type is a serious step, do not use the principle of ketqua, xo so.

Water heating is the most common type of heating. The main element of the water heating system is a boiler designed for heating water.

Air heating is currently used in industrial, auxiliary and public premises on the base of air recirculation or combining heating with general exchange supply ventilation

Electric heating differs by the type of heating devices.

Radiant is one of the varieties of electric heating. It is based on the supply of heat to a room due to thermal radiation. Heating devices are most often located under the ceiling or even in the ceiling, while infrared radiation heats all objects in its area of action.

Different types of heating systems and heating devices are used in different types of buildings and with different end goals.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

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