Atlantic Plumbing and Heating

Extended Department

702 Joline Ave (Rt 36 East)
Long Department NJ 07740
Ph: 732 229-0334
F: 732 229-7948

Toms River

2810 Hwy 37 East
Toms River NJ 08753
Ph: 732 929-0400
F: 732 929-8747


526 North Ave East
Westfield NJ 07090
Ph: 908 233-4567
F: 908 233-5182


543 Wrightstown - Sykesville Rd
Wrightstown NJ 08562
Ph: 609 724-0095
F: 609 724-0091

For nearly a hundred years, Atlantic Plumbing Supply was a respected supply of supply to contractors and industry. Atlantic has exploded starting a single branch operation to 1 of the very respected multi-branch distributors in New Jersey with locations in Long Branch, Toms River, Westfield and Wrightstown.

Since 1929, Atlantic has been an essential resource to plumbing work and home heating contractors, technical contractors, home management businesses, waterworks, fire protection and energy contractors. We also provide products or services to many municipalities, hospitals, school areas, military installations and governmental companies.

Most abundant in knowledgeable professionals in the market, Atlantic prides it self on offering unsurpassed customer care. Whether it is with design, manufacturing or procurement of hard to find special products, you are able to count on Atlantic for accurate and trustworthy solution. We beat your expectations to earn and keep your business causing a fruitful relationship.

At each and every of your areas, you'll find completely stocked warehouses with top brands eg United states Standard, AO Smith, Weil McLain, Burnham, Moen, Sloan, Elkay, Ridgid, Clow and ADS/Hancor. Atlantic Plumbing provide has actually a full fleet of vehicles to offer our clients prompt distribution. Atlantic also has showrooms at each and every location available along with your customers to start to see the newest styles and styles.

With an all-star team of industry professionals and a definite sight of management, Atlantic Plumbing provide continues to grow. Since 1929, Atlantic has actually constantly stayed true to its original core values of creating your business through trusted old fashioned private customer support, first of all.

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