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Security provide ended up being a proud sponsor of this Capital Pride Festival presented in Washington Park on June 14, 2014. The function could be the biggest occasion in Upstate NY, attracting thousands individuals and spectators. Our display resembles the Pride logo design and was created out of Grohe hand showers.

PROVIDER Supply House Days by John McNally

One Saturday yearly, Security Plumbing & Heating Supply shuts everything down during the day. No, it is perhaps not an arbitrary holiday day for all 146 workers for the Selkirk, N.Y-based supplier; it’s quite contrary.

Since when protection Supply places the proverbial energy right back on, it's going to be running faster, smarter and much more tech-savvy than it had as soon as the time started.

“We fork out a lot on instruction, ” states Brian Fowler, protection Supply’s vice-president of sales and advertising and marketing. “On that Saturday, we dedicate the full day's education on new products from vendors and internal technology enhancements whether it’s our operating system or different Google features.”

Improvement in its technological standing plainly ended up beingn’t the lone factor in safety Supply’s enhanced 2012 sales and look again in Supply House days 2013 Premier 125 rankings.


Selkirk, NY. – Security Supply Corporation, with 12 plumbing work and home heating offer branches, and 7 bathtub Expressions Showrooms in Upstate New York and Western Massachusetts, today revealed the outcome associated with the attempts to aid sufferers of Hurricane Sandy.

Safety provide, with its clients, buddies, community companies, vendors and our colleagues surpassed its goal of filling up one 26 foot box truck. "I'm actually pleased with everybody within our household just who came collectively and filled not just one, but two tractor trailers of products, " said Keith Bennett, CEO/President of Security Plumbing & warming Supply. "The outpouring of support and contributions from our neighborhood is amazing. We even sent a check for $8, 100 from all money which was contributed to united states."

Additionally, Security Plumbing & warming Supply worked alongside regional radio group Albany Broadcasting with a general public contribution web site set-up when you look at the Latham Farms parking area. Countless Capital Region residents revealed their support during the two day collection period. Security Plumbing & Heating provide vice-president of Sales and advertising, Brian Fowler, stated, "we'd considerable assistance and contributions from Albany Chamber of Commerce, Hannaford, Wal-Mart, and many more. But, first and foremost, the outpouring of assistance, and further work from the whole protection Supply group had been unprecedented within the business’s history. I am proud becoming involving such a residential area inclined business and co-workers."

William M. Bennett, Harold L. Williams, Sr., and Earl D. Vadney founded Security Supply Corporation in 1934. This multi-generational, regional organization is consists of locations in Selkirk, Albany, Schenectady, Glens Falls, Johnstown, Plattsburgh, North Adams, Ma, Poughkeepsie, Watertown, Kingston, Middletown and Saratoga Springs.

To learn more about Security Plumbing & Heating provide, see

With town protection Plumbing & warming Supply stretches its hand to simply help the sufferers of Hurricane Sandy!

Safety Plumbing & Heating provide went a relief drive to assist those effected by Hurricane Sandy's devastation. The drive occurred daily at 12 branch areas from November 5, 2012 until Friday, November 16, 2012. Donations were brought to and distributed by town Food Bank in Hillside, nj.

We filled and delivered two full tractor trailers of sustenance and water and delivered a check for , 100 for people who donated money to the energy.

We had considerable assistance and efforts through the Albany Chamber of Commerce, Hannaford, Walmart, and many others!


Operation: Sandy Relief

Security Plumbing & warming provide and 6 stations of Albany Broadcasting went a 2 day relief drive in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Latham Farms on Friday, November 9th from 6am - 6pm and Saturday, November 10th from 8am-4pm. Requested donations were water, non-perishable food, baby formula, diapers, blankets, cleaning supplies, bedding, pet food, gently worn clothing and of course, cash donations were be accepted. Contributions were provided for the Community Food Bank in Hillside, nj-new jersey.

Security Plumbing & warming provide obtaining donations from Albany County residents with the aid of Albany Broadcasting.

Security Plumbing & Heating provide delivers two tractor-trailer lots of items into Community Food Bank in Hillside, New Jersey on Monday, November 19, 2012.

Employees at Hillside Community Food Bank sorting and loading donations to-be distributed to Huricane Sandy sufferers. The Community Food Bank is dispersing 200, 000 pounds of water and food each and every day.

Donation Collection "Huge" from Albany County

Within one week, Albany County workers and residents gathered sufficient bins and bags of things required by victims of Hurricane Sandy they surpassed the expectations of safety Plumbing & warming Supply and filled two trucks. Your local company, featuring its headquarters in Selkirk, had initially expected lovers in the region to assist them to fill one vehicle to just take downstate and offer relief to those who required it many.

Security Plumbing & warming provide CEO/President Keith Bennett with McCoy and the ones just who helped load the contributed things these days from 112 State Street, Albany, NY."I understood the outpouring of support from Albany County would-be great, " said County Executive Daniel McCoy, "although daunting quantity of containers of contributed products amassed at 112 State Street, our DSS building and Albany County Health division amazes me. I'm therefore happy that we are doing our part to help those who require it most. Thank-you to any or all having contributed in this energy or found the device to volunteer. Thank you to PEF Local 502 for large supply of items their people donated and thanks to protection Plumbing & Heating Supply for once again showing how effective a public-private partnership can be."

"I'm truly pleased with our colleagues, consumers, vendors together with public just who all arrived together and loaded two tractor trailers of supplies when we had planned for just one box truck, " said Keith Bennett, CEO/President of protection Plumbing & Heating provide. "The outpouring of help and donations from our neighborhood is amazing. We even delivered a check for $8, 100 from most of the cash that was contributed to united states."

"PEF regional 502 was thrilled to assist the sufferers of Hurricane Sandy and we also tend to be confident our donation can help those who work in need, " said Matthew Calderwood, PEF town 502 Leader.

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