Schluter Launches Ditra-Heat

Heated floor thermostat

With SunStat® floor heating thermostats, you control where when your floor is heated. We offer an array of thermostats. You decide on the thermostat style and capabilities that work best for you. SunStat thermostats use all SunTouch floor warming services and products, plus flooring heating services and products from many other manufacturers.

SunStat® Command

A full-featured touchscreen display provides a straightforward, dependable way to take control of your floor home heating. The user-intuitive 7-day schedule makes it simple to program your floor heating to suit your life style.

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  • Thin profile with removable, paintable beauty band
  • Several color screen options
  • Built-in relay and GFCI
  • Dual-voltage 120/240 VAC
  • Comprehensive assistance screens
  • Energy usage tracking
  • Residence automation tie-in
  • 3-year warranty

With its Wi-Fi ability, the SunStat Connect allows you to take control of your floor heating from another location, making use of a mobile app or through the web. Because of this, you can adjust your floor home heating settings at any time from everywhere. Extra features allow the system compensate for weather changes to save lots of on power use.

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  • Exterior temperature and weather show options
  • Weather compensation and summer shutdown configurations
  • Remote software change capacity
  • Email alerts
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