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What is Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

Advanced Evaporative Cooling Rebates dining tableThe PNM Cooling Rebate system decreases the price for domestic consumers to buy and install certain energy-efficient cooling gear within their houses. There are two main techniques to cool your home, evaporative air conditioning and refrigerated air-con. These two options feature several technologies that be eligible for a rebate.

Evaporative Cooling:

Evaporative Cooling, occasionally referred to as "swamp cooling" can be used to lessen air temperature by using the process of evaporation. Warm dry-air is altered to cool, wet air and the temperature of this outside atmosphere is employed to evaporate liquid, causing a cooling effect.

Benefits: Works very well in dried out climates; lower cost to purchase, install, and operate

Disadvantages: Adds dampness on atmosphere, so that it cannot work as really on humid times; may adversely affect indoor quality of air

Rebate Kind

Grab mail-in rebate kind

Refrigerated Ac:

Refrigerated ac units make use of a refrigerant and are designed to change the atmosphere temperature and moisture.

Advantages: is useful in most climates; cannot add humidity to inside environment; can improve indoor quality of air

Drawbacks: Generally higher prices purchasing, put in, and run.

ENERGY STAR® Room air conditioning units use 15 % less power than mainstream models and often include timers, which enable you to use the minimum number of energy needed seriously to cool a space.

Refrigerated ac units that meet CEE (Consortium for energy savings) standards operate more efficiently than equipment which includes perhaps not won this distinction. PNM is offering rebates for CEE Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 refrigerated ac units. By choosing CEE-qualified cooling equipment and using actions to optimize its overall performance, you'll improve the convenience of your house while preserving power. PNM has included heat pumps and ductless mini-split methods towards PNM Cooling Rebate plan.

If you curently have refrigerated air conditioning, along with your product is still working but you want to update to a far more efficient model, maybe you are eligible for an additional rebate. Please make reference to the PNM Home Energy Checkup plan for details.

Rebate Forms

The PNM CEE Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 rebate is based on the efficiency for the whole system, and not soleley the SEER rating for the ac unit itself. The CEE Certificate quantity can be obtained by entering the design amounts of most of the system's components in to the CEE database (

Refrigerated air cooling Rebates dining table Air conditioners as well as heat pumps which are rated 13, 15, 16, 18, and even 22 SEER by a maker can vary in performance depending on the various other equipment utilized in the system. Typical system components through the ac unit, indoor coil, and furnace. With a higher SEER score you usually have more integrated updates, advanced technology and a lengthier warranty, and like miles per gallon within vehicle, the larger something SEER score the more your hard earned dollars is certainly going cooling your house. Installing a brand new, coordinated air cooling system on the house will save you to 20 - 50per cent on your cooling costs, with respect to the effectiveness for the system. But having an 18 SEER air conditioner that's not element of a matched system set up in your home you could end up a method that's only operating at 13 SEER or less.

Picking an experienced contractor is a vital step up making sure your brand-new refrigerated ac or temperature pump system matches your domiciles home heating or air conditioning requirements which it's precisely installed to quickly attain optimum efficiency and convenience. PNM recommends acquiring at least three competitive bids from experienced contractors licensed to accomplish HVAC set up operate in NM. Having a new air conditioning or temperature pump system put in is a significant investment in your home. Employing a contractor new to business recommendations for identifying, sizing and installing equipment can cause problems with performance and protection. Technicians should-be acquainted the AHRI (air-con, warming and Refrigeration Institute) database lookup to determine and choose HVAC methods that qualify for Tier 1, 2 or 3 rewards. Contractors must make provision for residents with a certificate from AHRI database your system being put in is qualified for rebate. Reputable technicians typically post their permit informative data on their site and promotional literary works. You can search for certified contractor only at that link

PNM customers meet the criteria to a rebate from PNM if they buy and install eligible cooling equipment (the "energy preservation Measure"). This rebate will work for expenditures made January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016 or while rebate resources are for sale to this system. PNM is only going to pay CEE Tier 2 and Tier 3 rebates for air-conditioning systems installed on or after April 29, 2015. Techniques bought just before April 29, 2015 are just entitled to the CEE Tier 1 rebate. PNM isn't any much longer accepting rebate requests for 2014 expenditures. Rebates will be paid while resources can be obtained. Limit two (2) rebates per PNM domestic electric consumer account.

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