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    Acosta Heating & Cooling, a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, proudly offers the total lineup of Lennox Signature, Elite and Merit Series air conditioning solutions.

    With a few models offering single-stage, two-stage and SunSource® solar-ready choices, plus EnergyStar certifications and offered income tax credits, Lennox provides property owners a wide range of options for every budget.

    E mail us today to read about our present promotions and incentives on qualifying Lennox methods.


    Once the Charlotte Metro area\’s premier United states Standard Dealer, Acosta warming & Cooling is invested in supplying the best product and solution solutions offered.

    Long lasting size of your property, Acosta Heating & Cooling will be your best choice for finding a new Ultra effectiveness, Super Efficiency, tall Efficiency or Standard Efficiency United states traditional system, many of which qualify for tax credits along with other valuable cost savings.

Packaged Device Installation

Packed units are simply just like the name shows – they've been self-contained cooling and heating systems that “package” their elements in one casing. If you decide to start a packed product you’d get a hold of an expansion device, condenser coil, compressor also accessories, all built to offer an all-in-one solution for your hvac needs.

Whenever deciding whether a packaged device may be the correct fit for your property, take into account the many benefits why these methods offer. Most importantly, these are generally exemplary at heating and cooling huge places in property, therefore they’re a fantastic choice if you’re seeking to control the temperature in more than one area

Subsequently, because all things are included within just one field, packed units are effective at preserving room beyond your property (packaged units are generally based outside the home). Perhaps one of the best grounds for picking a packaged unit would be that they are extremely energy-efficient and have high SEER rankings, AFUE ranks and HSPF ranks. This effectiveness translates into serious cost savings, maintaining both your property and wallet more comfortable!

Kinds of Packaged Devices

  • Packaged Gas Furnaces & Air Conditioners

    Gas Package Units, or Gas Packs as they are generally called, are “all in one single” kind units that incorporate the gas heat furnace and electric ac, into an individual small device that resides 100per cent beyond your home, or perhaps in some instances, on rooftops! Apart from your thermoregulator, the ductwork into the main HVAC system is the only other portion of the device installed inside residence.

  • Packed Temperature Pumps

    a packed heat pump has actually all elements (compressor, blower and heat exchanger, etc.) within one pantry. it is typically setup on top. It cools and heats by utilizing a reversing valve. This device is used to reverse the direction of refrigerant flow, based upon whether home heating or air conditioning is desired.

  • Packaged Air Conditioning Units

    While the title suggests, a packaged air conditioner has actually all major elements enclosed in a single housing, much like a window air conditioner. This allows the compressor, cooling coil, air handling product in addition to air conditioner filter, all is housed in one single case, or bundle. The complete product is pre-assembled during the factory.

Packaged Product Factors

Apart from your cooling and heating performance levels, there are many other factors when choosing a replacement or brand-new fuel bundle device. Gasoline Packs usage propane for the heat source, but could be converted to take fluid propane (LP Fuel) just like many gasoline furnaces. If you don't have fuel locally and need an LP system, check to be certain these are generally offered. Some devices need a simple valve customization system, other individuals need a brand new gas device completely.

Additionally there are installation choices with package devices. If you prepare or should install your unit on a roofing or platform, you may need to get a method which whats called convertible. This implies the air duct connections are not only privately, but also in the bottom regarding the unit to allow for roof mounting onto a roof curb. The curb additionally the unit SHOULD match and in case you will need a convertible unit, it's always best to buy the curb kit in addition you receive the bundle unit.

Installing Your Brand-new Packaged Product

Is the home the best place for a packaged device? Perhaps so. Allow specialists at Acosta Heating & Cooling let you know. We’ll deliver a professional specialist over to your property to assess your current HVAC system and keep in touch with you about your specific heating and air conditioning requirements. Whatever those requirements are, we’ll certainly manage to allow you to keep the heat in your house the manner in which you like while nonetheless helping you save some cash.

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