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Creator Wally Dickey came to be and raised inside Conejo Valley. His technical capability, enthusiasm and love for air-con and heating created inside the very early teenagers, working for a lot of Oaks apartment complex, fixing air-con and home heating methods.

In 1979 (Wally’s junior 12 months at Newbury Park highschool) he began Conejo Valley Appliance, air-conditioning and Heating. Their mother replied the phone on weekdays, in which he did solution phone calls on weekends.

In 1981, it became a “Family Affair” whenever Wally’s two brothers-in-law (Jim and Dan) joined in. As company grew your choice ended up being meant to split Conejo Valley device, air-con and warming into two seperate organizations. Jim and Dan took over Conejo Valley device and Wally proceeded on with Conejo Valley Heating & air-con.

Branden and Wally Dickey Continuing in the father’s footsteps, Wally’s child Branden has brought over as CEO and is growing Conejo Valley hvac into the many reputable air-con and heating business within the Conejo Valley. Even though the organization has grown by leaps and bounds the straightforward concepts are nevertheless undamaged: Consistency, Honesty, Professionalism, and character – the key cause of our success.

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