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York Heating and Air Conditioning Reviews

York Air Conditioner Reviews

York Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Select Features

  • York air conditioners are engineered to be quiet systems
  • Air conditioner models only available with R-410A
  • Corrosion resistant for durability in selected models
  • Maintenance free fan motor in selected air conditioner systems
  • Industry standard warranties

One word of note about York air conditioners and other products:
I have always known York to offer quality products however what I am reading in their sales brochures and sales literature seems to be a lot of hype with no specifics. In the past, I had problems with some of York’s claims and the testing used to rate efficiency and the information available through normal resources about York products. York has changed their literature and their website and now offer much more information than before.

Some manufacturers list certain features and claim that feature is the best thing since sliced bread however when you do the research you find it is no different than any other manufacturer feature with a different name. It is all about making a better widget and making it look better than another. I’m glad York got things straightened out.
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For more information on York and their latest models, warranty information, and efficiency ratings visit the York website.

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York Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings

  • York Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 88%
  • York Quality as Compared to Other Brands 95%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 98%
  • York Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 80%
  • Overall York Opinion from a Technical Perspective
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