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63° F

Much like temperature, smog varies through the day.

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The data displayed about this page represents current polluting of the environment levels and meteorological values, and it is perhaps not high quality ensured. For quality guaranteed data be sure to check out .

Particulate matter (PM), also referred to as particle air pollution, is a complex blend of exceedingly tiny dust and soot particles. For more information see Air Pollutants: Particulate point.

Ozone (O3) is made whenever hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides chemically respond in the presence of sunlight as well as heat. To find out more go to Air Pollutants: Ozone.

PM 2.5Ozone


0 - 12.0 µg/m3

0 - 0.054 ppm


12.1 - 35.4 µg/m3

0.055 - 0.070 ppm

Bad for Sensitive Groups

35.5 - 55.4 µg/m3

0.071 - 0.085 ppm


55.5 - 150.4 µg/m3

0.086 - 0.105 ppm

Extremely Bad

150.5 - 250.4 µg/m3

0.106 - 0.200 ppm


Above 250.5 µg/m3

Above 0.201 ppm

According to a 24-hour average.

Considering an 8-hour average.

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