Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems

Cover imageModular silica gel–water adsorption chiller had been designed and tested.

Single/double effect LiBr–water absorption chiller had been run and tested.

1.n result LiBr–water absorption chiller had been suggested, created and tested.

CaCl2/AC–ammonia adsorption ice box ended up being introduced and tested.

NH3–H2O consumption ice maker with much better interior temperature recovery had been introduced.

Solar driven ac methods can handle solar power enthusiasts working in many conditions. Sorption systems, including consumption and adsorption refrigeration systems, are one of the better choices for solar cooling. Five methods including standard silica gel–water adsorption chiller, single/double impact LiBr–water absorption chiller, 1.n impact LiBr–water absorption chiller, CaCl2/AC (activated carbon)–ammonia adsorption fridge, as well as the water–ammonia absorption ice maker with better internal heat data recovery were presented. The above mentioned five sorption chillers/refrigerators work under numerous driven temperatures and fulfill various refrigeration demands. The thermodynamic design and system growth of the systems had been shown. All these methods have improvements when comparing to current methods and may provide great options for high efficient solar cooling soon.


  • Solar air conditioning;
  • Consumption chiller;
  • Adsorption chiller;
  • Heat supply heat

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